Facial Hydrafacial Serums AS1,SA2,AO3 Beauty Aqua Peel Solution 3 X 400ML


Facial Hydrafacial Serums AS1,SA2,AO3 Dermabrasion Beauty Aqua Peel Solution
About this item
AS1 Aqua peeling hidrafacial – AS1 nutrient solution can be used on all skin types. Ths Special Aqua peeling solution can nourish the skin very well, effectively rejuvenate the skin, Effectively remove the clogged dust inside the pores.Remove the aged keratin, no irritation
SA2 Aqua peeling serum- For sensitive skin.can easily remove acne marks and relieve aging,VitA, VitE and natural moisturizing factors can calm the skin;Effectively remove excess oil from the pores. Calm the skin, deep hydration
AO3-for skin hydration;Repair damaged cells and improve skin immunity. Inhibit the formation of melanin,Desalination of wrinkles, supply nutrients for skin
Multifunctions: Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, improves skin immunity, inhabits melanin, vitamin C nutrients supply to the skin, restores damaged cells, helps regeneration.
Widely application: It can use for all kinds of Hydra Facial Machine.1 bottle can do an average of 10 guests; HOW TO USE-Three bottles of Aqua Peeling solution can be used in combination and applicable to all hydra facial machines, for salon professional skin care or personal DIY skin care